Saturday, November 6, 2010

DBQ (Document Based Question) Essay on Valley Forge

Students will be learning to write a DBQ (Document based question) essay this week. The topic of the essay will be the Winter at Valley Forge. Students will learn how to analyze primary source documents and then use those documents as evidence to answer the question "If you had been a soldier in Washington's Army, would you have quit?" Students can prepare for this week by reading/learning about Valley Forge. Videos about the Winter at Valley Forge can be viewed.

Valley Forge - Story of US
George Washington at Valley Forge
Valley Forge - Winter Encampment
Surviving Valley Forge
Difficult Winter at Valley Forge
Valley Forge Painting
George Washington's Valley Forge Camp Bed
The Reality at Valley Forge
Liberty's Kids: #24 Valley Forge (1/2)
Liberty's Kids: #24 Valley Forge (2/2)

LINKSValley Forge Encampment
Washington at Valley Forge

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